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Drew Miller's Ordination

The ordination of Andrew Rutledge Miller to the Sacred Order of Priests took place on Jul 13th 2019 at St. John’s Parish Church with a full congregation in attendance.
“Ordination really is a moment of celebration for the church, a sign that signifies the many that have served to raise and support a new minister to this point, and a sign that declares that God’s work in and through us is not finished. It testifies to the work of so many raising a sheep into pastoral leadership, and to the many sheep that remain outside of this fold. To that end, I would be remiss to pas by such an opportunity to thank the many that have brought me here.”
“To St. John’s for raising me in the faith: one can never know what seeds God is sowing in Sunday School and Youth Group and Mission Trips. I’m so grateful to have grown up in such a place. My great, great, great, great grandfather was the rector here once, over 200 years ago, and to be ordained in this place is an incredible gift to me and a testament to his legacy. “

Rev. Drew Miller
Consecrator   -  The Right Reverend Stephen D. Wood Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of the Carolinas
Master of Ceromonies  -  The Rev. Dr. Gregory A. Snyder, St. John’s Parish Church  
Chaplain to the Bishop  -  The Rev. Deacon William W. Klauber, Vicar, St. Aidan’s of the Sea Islands
Deacons  -  The Rev. Deacon Corey B. Prescott
Eucharist Ministers  -  Ms. Helen W. Kapp and Mr. William S. Carter
Litanist  -  The Rev. Christoper Warner, Rector, Church of the Holy Cross, Sullivan’s Island
Preacher  -  The Right Rev. William J. White, Bishop, CoAdjutor, Reformed Episcopal Diocese of the Southeast
Vesting the Newly Ordained  -  The Rev. Robert C. Sturdy, Chaplain of St. Alban’s Chapel, Citadel and The Rev. Todd Simonis, Associate Rector, The Parish Church of St. Helena
Readers  -  Zachary P. Miller, Mary S. Miller and Hannah G. Miller
Presenters - The Miller, Gervais, Edgerton and Curtsinger Family.
Muscians  -  Mres. Jessica Smith
Crucifer  -  Mr. Graham Hocutt
Ushers  - Mr. Neil Edgerton and Dr. Thomas Puckette
Photography  -  Greg Shore

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