St. Johns Parish Church Johns Island SC

Co-Ed Adult Bible Studies and Sunday School

Prayer Team: Tuesday, 12:30pm. Contact Lindy Reynolds

The Journey Bible Study: Wednesday. 8:30am, Tanner’s House. Contact Pete Tanner
Mixed Bible Study: Wednesday, 11:30am, Tomato Shed. Contact Susie Jenkins
Bible Basics: Wednesday, 6:30pm, Millers' House. Contact Walt Miller

Sunday School Adults
9:15 am in Walton hall (parish Life building) after breakfast.
Fruit Of The Spirit - Beth Snyder & Fr Greg
How does gentleness help you love your neighbor? How does JOY impact your family, your neighbors, your community? Take a look at what the fruit of the spirit can teach us about loving those closest to us.

Jeremiah - Tom Prevost
Continuing their study of Jeremiah, this class will focus on deepening our understanding of this book of the Bible as well as understanding how this text applies to our modern lives.

The First 5 Books of the Old Testament - Ben Dixon
Let’s take a walk through the Old Testament, from Genesis to Deuteronomy, and discover where we came from, and who God is to us so that we recognize His hand in our lives.’

Looking at Matthew - Walt Miller
A dig into the New Testament gospel of Matthew.