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The Promises of God Part 2

Dear Sunday School and Bible Study groups,
Attached are the questions to use in groups this week. Please forward on to others who I may have missed on the email.

Blessings in our Lord Jesus Christ,
Fr. Jeremy+

I Will Always Love You

September 20-26, 2020
Texts: Isaiah 43:1-5 / Psalm 36:5-10 / Romans 8:31-39 / John 15:12-17
  1. Knowing what was discussed last week (I Will Create You in My Own Image), and in reading Isaiah 43:1-5 (You are precious, you are honored, you are loved by God),How does God’s love for you help you understand His calling on your life?  As a loved child of God, what/who do you feel called to?  How do you fulfill that calling?

  2. We know that God loves us, but, we don’t always make the head-to-heart connection.  Why is it difficult at times to see/feel/experience God’s love in our lives?

  3. Out of love God created all people in His image.  Out of love we are called to love God above anything and love others as ourselves (The Greatest Commandment; Matthew 22:34-40).  In John 15:12 Jesus, again, gives love as an imperative (a commandment, not an option), “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”  Does the idea of loving your neighbor change for you when you think of it as an actual commandment?  How/why?

  4. In Romans 8:31-39, St. Paul reminds us that the perfect love God gives us (in Jesus Christ) will never end.  Nothing can separate us from what has already taken place on our behalf.  Jesus’ act of submission to the Father’s will was perfect, sufficient, and eternal.  Do you know this to be true — That God’s love is for you, and it can never be taken away?  How do you know this to be true? 
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