St. Johns Parish Church Johns Island SC

Promises of God Part 7

I Will Give You Rest

October 25-31, 2020
Isaiah 58:6-14 / Psalm 127 / Hebrews 4:1-13 / Matthew 11:25-30
  1. The “rest of God,” the Sabbath, is trusting God to run His universe without you for one day out of seven.  Are you able to do this in your life right now? (Be honest).  Do you feel like you’re not able?  Why?  Do you truly TRUST God?

  2. The “rest of God” is not an elaborate vacation or time off from paid work to get things done around the house.  It is a deliberate slowing down and focusing on God and what He has done and is continuing to do for you.  It means spending an extended time (a day for instance) seeking something that fills you with joy and gives you space and time to be mindul of Him.  What might that look like for you?

  3. Read Isaiah 58:13-14.  What does God promise us, if we will make the effort to carve out Sabbath times in our life?

  4. Consider your weekly and monthly schedules: the way you work, your plans for life, the way you play, every aspect of your life.  And then ask this simple question:  “Are they leading you where you want to go?  Plot the trajectory: will they land you in a place you care to live?  Discuss this with your group.
    If the manner of your work, play, and life is not leading where you want to end up…THEN…change your mind, today, right now!  St. Paul says in his second letter to the Corinthians, “Take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (2 Cor 10:5).  Discuss this verse and its application in your life with your small group.

  5. Christian pastor and author, Mark Buchanan says that there is a “golden rule” for keeping God’s rest: “Cease from what is necessary.  Embrace that which gives life…And then do whatever you want.” (p. 129).  Discuss this “rule” with your small group.  Can you make a pledge to try to do this in the coming weeks through the end of this year?
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