St. Johns Parish Church Johns Island SC

Promises of God Part 8

I am the God for ALL People

November 1-7, 2020
Genesis 12:1-3 / Psalm 47 / Revelation 7:9-17 / John 12:26-35 / Colossians 3:11
  1. “The Multitude” begins with God’s covenant with Abram (Gen. 12:1-3).  God speaks to Abram and repeats the words “bless” and “you” many times.  Discuss why having faith and allowing God to give His blessings does, in fact, bless us.  Read the passage again, this time find other words that stand out to you.  What do those words have to do with blessing, love, and the goodness of God?

  2. Do you remember the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion?  Where were you when it happened?  Did it have an affect on your life at the time?  If you remember, discuss how you felt about the crew that included men and women, multiple races, and non-astronauts.

  3. Describe times in your life when you’ve experienced on of those “glimpses of the multitude,” people of different races gathered together joyfully.

  4. Read Colossians 3 (1-25 for full context) and especially verse 11.  Paul singles out an ethnic group known as the Scythians.  We all have people we’d rather not associate  with.  Who are the “Scythians” in your life?  Why is it important to include them with the Multitude?

  5. How does the phrase, “I don’t see color” make you feel?  Do you agree with the   perspective of Fr. Jeremy’s friend when he said, “let me be my race, don’t take it away from me — its a beautiful thing.”

  6. Give some examples of how we can live in the “new community” of God (transformed by the renewal of our minds, discerning what is the will of God, what  is good and acceptable and perfect — Romans 12:2)
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