St. Johns Parish Church Johns Island SC

Promises of God Part 10

I Will Not Change

November 15-21, 2020
Isaiah 40:(1-5)6-11 / Psalm 90 / Hebrews 13:1-9 / John 10:22-30 / Isaiah 6:8-13
  1. Read Isaiah 40:1-11. Keep in mind God’s people are still in exile, but now are hearing the continuous prophecies of hope — a Savior will come.  This was a much needed message of strength.  When do you find yourself in most need of strengthening?  How do you receive the strength (and hope) that God promises?
  2. Read Isaiah 6:8-13.  Why do you suppose the Lord gave Isaiah such a ministry as this?   Mission is never an “easy road.”  In fact, the road to follow Jesus is the Via Dolorosa (translates, “the way of suffering”) — the path Jesus took on the way to His crucifixion.  Discuss ways in which you’ve seen suffering along the way of your Christian journey.
  3. Isaiah 40 is a message of comfort and hope. What are some ways we can deliver the message of comfort and hope to people today? How can we better help each other discover what brings comfort?  What are some ways you can build friendships in such a way that conversations like these are natural and welcomed?
  4. God promises through Scriptural examples that He never changes. He changes us,  Jesus changes us, the Holy Spirit changes us.  How do you feel about being changed into a herald of Good News?  Hebrews 13:1-9 reiterates this calling, and for us to  include strangers and prisoners.  Do you have a “2-minute testimony?”  A concise way to show how God has changed you by His Son Jesus?  Have 1-2 members of the group practice their “2-minute testimony.”
  5.  God has given us 9 months of time to reflect on life, pandemic, mission, and so much more.  How has God changed you in the last 9 months? Were the changes easy or difficult to implement? In what ways?
  6. Our friends in Peru are suffering greatly right now. Please include them in your prayers. Before you leave today, please pray for Bishop Jorge, all the clergy, and the people of Peru. We serve the same unchanging God, and He is a good God! Pray that God is changing all of us for the greater Kingdom.  Please pray for Peru.
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