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Promises of God Part 15

“I Will Come to You in the Flesh”

December 20-26, 2020
Texts: Isaiah 7:10-17 / Psalm 2:7-10 / Hebrews 10:1-10 / Luke 1:39-56 (Magnificat)
1. Beginning on Sunday, September 13, 2020, these are the 15 Promises of God that we have studied:
1.  “I Will Create You in My Own Image,” Fr. Greg
2.  “I Will Always Love You,” Fr. Jeremy
3.  “I Will Make a Place For You in Heaven with Me,” Fr. Greg
4.  “I Will Make You Prosper,” Fr. Jeremy
5.  “I Will Take Care of Your Every Need,” Fr. Greg
6.  “I Will Forgive Your Sins,” Fr. Jeremy
7.  “I Will Give You Rest,” Fr. Greg
8.  “I Am the God For ALL People,” Fr. Jeremy
9.  “I Will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You,” Fr. Greg
10. “I Will Not Change,” Fr. Jeremy
11. “I Will Be Your King,” Fr. Greg
12. “I Will Return to You,” Fr. Jeremy
13. “I Will Give You ALL Good Things,” Fr. Greg
14. “I Will Lift Up the Lowly” Fr. Jeremy
15. “I Will Come to You in the Flesh” Fr. Greg

2. Which of these 15 promises has been the most enlightening or hopeful for you during this time of pandemic?

3. Which of these do you still want to learn more about?  Why?

4. Our passage from Hebrews says that the Law was “but a shadow of the good things to come.”  By the Law, the author means the whole system of animal sacrifice in the Old Testament.  What was the importance of animal sacrifice as an atonement for sin?  Why was animal sacrifice not sufficient to completely rid human beings of the guilt of sin?  What are the “good things to come” that we now have not just yearly, but daily, hourly, second by second?

5. Why was it so important for God the Father to come down to this Earth as a human being?  Why as such a fragile human being?

H6. ow does it make you feel to know that God has suffered like you have -- been loved, betrayed, and misunderstood?

7. The Song of Mary (Magnificat) says, “He [God] has filled the hungry with good things, and the rich he has sent away empty” (Luke 1:53).  What are you hungry for?  What things in your life do you think it is time for you to “send away empty”?  
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