St. Johns Parish Church Johns Island SC

Feeding the Multitude 2021

14th Annual Feeding of the Multitude. Nov 20 12 - 3 p.m.

Our goal is to feed 5000 people with 1200 bags of food and 1000 turkeys plus 200 plated meals for the home-bound.

We will provide:

  1. Drive through pick-up of bags of groceries to feed a Thanksgiving meal to a family of 4 and a 10-12 lb. frozen turkey.   
  2. Homebound cooked meals provided for true home-bound people who have no transportation or ability to cook their own meals.
  3. Prayer Teams via Facebook live stream or private telephone call in line. We will also have our prayer chain.
  4. Feeding our Multitude of Pets.  We continue to offer free pet food and spaying/neutering education, thanks to our partners, Pet Helpers and Charleston Animal Society.

Neighborhood Collections for Feeding the Multitude

The Feeding of the Multitude is planned and put on by volunteers from 23-30 churcheslocal area churches.
What can you do to help?
  1. Pray for a successful, Spirit-led Feeding, so that many people are fed both spiritually and physically.  Pray for another beautiful rain-free day.
  2. Commit to donating a bag of food or being a Neighborhood Captain (getting your neighbors, co-workers, small groups, etc.) to donate bags.  
  3. See the attached Neighborhood Captain Letter that provides more information

We prayerfully request that our able neighbors contribute the following:
• 2 lb. bag of rice
• 1 x 14-18 oz. can/jar or 2 packets of turkey gravy
• 2 x 14-16 oz. cans of green beans
• 2 x 14-16 oz. can of yams or sweet potatoes
• 1 box of stove top stuffing
• 1 x 14-16 oz. can of cranberry sauce or dressing
• 1 box of (just-add-water or milk) biscuit mix. (Not buttermilk). Check in the pancake/syrup aisle. If you can’t find, just omit this item or include rolls with expiration date after 11/25.
•   bag/box of pre-packaged, store-bought cookies (not bakery, which have short dating)

Because of grocery store shortages, we recommend shopping early.

If you prefer to make a contribution to help pay for the food, please write a check payable to St. John's Parish Church. On the Memo line, write “Feeding of the Multitude” and mail to PO Box 125, Johns Island, SC 29457.
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