St. Johns Parish Church Johns Island SC

Welcome and Hospitality Sign Up

According to Barna Research, 40% of visitors make up their mind about a church within their first two minutes. Our first interactions should show people that the world is a more hospitable place because of Jesus. "Hospitality involves welcoming, creating space, listening, paying attention, and providing" (Chester, A Meal with Jesus, 47). Greeters welcome, listen and pay attention to people as they enter the doors, Welcome Set-up Teams and Breakdown Teams create space by setting up tables, the children's discipleship area, and air diffusers in the bathrooms. Welcome Table Hosts--Bring and serve 2-3 baked goods to share. Special Events and New Comers' Fellowship Teams offer extra opportunities for our Parish to celebrate our life together as a family.
Please review the available slots by clicking on the link below. below and sign up. We especially need bakers and breakdown helpers.

For questions contact Lori Moore. Thank you!
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