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Keeping a Holy Lent

Sunday, February 26 - Easter Sunday, April 9
 | 2023 |

God's Hesed

Love in the Psalms

Through the forty days of Lent, we invite you to join the Psalmists and our parish by exploring how God’s hesed love works to transform our hearts to make us holy. For each week until Easter, we’ll provide a word study guide to help you discover the depth and breadth of God’s hesed along with questions for personal devotion and group or family discussion.

Why Hesed? 
Hesed is a Hebrew word so rich and comprehensive that there isn't a word for it in the Greek or English languages. Translations for this word include lovingkindness, steadfast love, mercy, and covenant faithfulness. While these words express aspects of hesed, they fall short because the complex nature of hesed is best conveyed through relationship, imagery--word pictures--and story.

For example, in the story of Hosea, the prophet's forgiveness and redemption of his adulterous wife serves as a parable of God's hesed shown to Israel.  Through the poetry of the Psalms, we enter into the psalmist's remorseful cry over the consequences caused by the pervasive, destructive nature of his sin; however, remembering the hesed of God becomes the turning point leading the repentant into a transforming experience of cleansing, renewal, and restoration.  In his book, Inexpressible: Hesed and the Mystery of God's Lovingkindness, singer, writer, and teacher, Michael Card shares his personal journey of exploring the depths of God's hesed in Scripture. Hesed is  "[w]hen the person from whom I have a right to expect nothing gives me everything" (5).

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Lent in the Psalms

Through the poetry of the Psalms, we encourage each parishioner to embark on their own pilgrimage into the beautiful mystery of God's Hesed.

Resources to Explore Hesed:

To begin with a big-picture of God’s hesed love throughout the story of scripture, watch The Bible Project’s Loyal Love.

Questions for Devotion and Discussion

Word Study

Card, Michael. Inexpressible: Hesed and the Mystery of God's Lovingkindness. IVP Press, Downers Grove, IL. 2018.

Moore, Jason. Say it Again. Song Performed by JMo and the Funk Disciples.

Kairos Art Gallery
Psalms and Saints and Psalms and Lamentations
St. Andrew’s Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC.
Parking is available.

Kidner, Derek. Kidner Classic Commentaries: Psalms 1-72, 73-150. IVP Press, Downers Grove, IL. 1973.

Other Resources for Lent
From the Anglican Church of North America
To begin with a big-picture of God’s hesed love throughout the story of scripture, watch the Bible Project’s Loyal Love.

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On Mission through Epiphany Sharing Your Story

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This year we're offering a curriculum to engage and equip our entire parish called The Story of the Church: Mission Unstoppable. Through Luke's Acts of the Apostles, we will behold the continuing mission of Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit births, empowers, and grows the church to be His witnesses. Through persecution and trials from within and without, Christ's mission through His church is unstoppable as the gospel spreads from "Jerusalem,... all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth" (Acts 1:8). From the roots of early church to the historic beginnings of the Anglican Church in North America to St. John's Parish Church on the move today, Christ's mission continues to be unstoppable.

Simultaneously, we're encouraging each adult member of St. John's Parish Church to read "The Awakening of Washington's Church" by JB Simmons. To learn more about the Story of the Church, read our Fall Discipleship Guide.

Click here for the Fall Discipleship Guide


The Awakening of Washington's Church is an engaging read, delving into events leading up to (and beyond) the departure of The Falls Church Anglican from their historic buildings and grounds in 2012. The Rev. John Yates led the congregation in standing firm for the one true Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the legal battles that raged on for several years.

This story is one that we here at St. John's Parish Church can relate. It provides a very helpful outline and reminders of why we left The Episcopal Church and - more importantly - provides a great amount of hope for our future.

We are not alone in this battle. There are others who have gone before us and there are others who will come after; it is important to know that we are not alone - just as the author of Hebrews reminds us, the Lord has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you". I hope you find the book to be as engaging and encouraging as I have.

Blessings in Christ Jesus,

Fr. Jeremy+