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Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Members of our group were blessed to gather at Resurrection Hall  several weeks ago.  Needles flew, as did the conversation and laughter.  It was suggested we answer some frequently asked questions about Prayer Shawls.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive a shawl? 
Anyone whom God puts on your heart and mind who might be blessed by having it.  There is no requirement the receiver be a member of St. John’s Parish Church or any church.  Our labels express the hope that the person receiving the shawl will feel our prayers for comfort and healing.

Who can give a shawl? 
Everybody who learns about this ministry and feels moved to do so.

If the receiver no longer needs the shawl, what happens to it?  
Whatever the receiver wishes.  Sometimes a family member will feel comforted by keeping the shawl.  Other times the receiver will think of someone else who might be blessed by having it and pass it on.

Are there other occasions where a gift from this ministry can be offered? 
We also celebrate new members in the body of Christ by giving baby blankets to new little ones
especially as they are welcomed through the sacrament of Baptism.

How can I get a shawl?  
A limited number are currently at Resurrection Hall, and we have extra inventory available.  

Want to know more?  
Contact Susan Neville at or Polly Sosnowski at
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